Par Mara & Rob

Le 2013-08-09 11:37:45

Great Performance!

Your performance at Domaine Laborde was absolutelu great.
We enjoyed the singing and playing. So we had a wonderful evening.
Thank you again!
We love you.
your friends and fans from Netherlands
Mara & Rob

De : xiQVFL4cNJTI Le 2016-08-07 10:37:24
Let people not argue over which relgiion is superior – that is a matter best left to God. Let each one try to follow their own religion to the best of their ability without hurting others and without imposing their will on others. We are all in this world to help each other, not sit in judgment on each other.
De : loula b Le 2013-09-04 00:30:03
Oh thank you very much Mara and Rob!
It was for us a great moment too!!!!!
We hope to see you next year and have some news of you all of the year;-)
We love the idea to have fans in Netherlands!
See you soon!

Laurence & Bruno